Reflection (weeks 1-9)

The first few weeks really inspired me with the project and i was coming out with new ideas in my head all the time. Happy with the project and what i will need to achieve a high result, i had planned it all out and was ready to shoot as soon as i could but due to personal problems i have not been able to produce as much work as i would have liked to. But since i have been back the work is getting back up to my normal standard and i am now 100% committed in succeeding with this project. Having missed the Tattoo tea party in Manchester one of my main shoots was blown out of the window but i have searched for new and exciting events happening in the city. I have still not done a shoot but working out a new timetable has got my next shoot planned for 09/03/2015. As i am so motivated i feel i will capture some fantastic images and really bring this project back to life.


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