Reflection weeks 10-16

Slight change of concept and outlook on project lead me towards looking into the industrial revolution in Manchester. This was a great find in pushing me to create a much broader range of research and also to open my eyes to how much the city has changed from the late 19th century to what it is now in the 21st century. I am now up to 4 shoots.This range of different scenes from the city of Manchester has started to create a really strong and visually interesting set of images that work well together. My plans have slightly changed over the weeks as i have new ideas that i feel will make the project work a lot better. One of these ideas is to just do one last shoot using a 35mm slr camera and then come back and start producing cyanotypes, contact prints and also digital prints then look to see what will work best for the exhibition. I am also working on creating a portfolio book on blurb that will showcase my best work from this final project. To put it in a few sentences over the past 6 weeks my project has really taken off and i am feeling confident about achieving a high mark at the end.


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