(Potential final images)

DSC_0001 copy

This scene caught my eye due to the lines of the buildings, people and the monument. The lines take your eyes from the bottom of the image to the top as if your following all the lines. The tonal range is also striking as there is a variety of shadows and highlights.


The vanishing point is the main key to this image as your eyes are drawn through the maze of curved lines. At a first glance it seems like this is a photograph done in a cave or an exotic place. Finding this interesting architectural structure was fantastic as it then gave me the vision for finding unusual buildings in later shoots. The shadows and highlights also give this scene and empty feeling which in my opinion works well.


The simplistic composition in this image caught my attention due to the fact it is only showing construction work on the building. This fits in with my project and along with a range of images will stand out. I feel during processing this image i could have dodged and burned to get some tones bolder and make sure they worked with the other tones.

This image is taken at the corn exchange in Manchester. What interested me was my intention was to capture the building as it was but i was unaware of the construction. I am pleased with the result as the bricks and fence creates and old gritty effect. The reflection and shadows in the windows are also visually interesting as it breaks the gritty effect up and creates a clean, sharp look at the same time.


Here your eyes flow from the right down the road. The reason i think this works is because the composition is organic and the tones all fall in with each other to create a calm and simplistic feel. There is not a lot going on in the scene but this focuses the viewers attention on the subject which is the train station. The only downfall to this image is the top of the lamp post and the tree on the left hand side. I feel if this wasn’t there there would be no distractions at all. When processing this i cropped it so they were not in the frame but it did not look right cropped as you could tell there was something missing.


The strong lines and bold tones grab your attention in this image. This photograph alone shows the change the city has gone through and is still changing. From the shopping outlets to the corn exchange building the evolution of change is clearly demonstrated. It took me a few shots before i got it right as my intention was to use the tram lines and buildings to create a vanishing point near the bottom right corner.


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