(potential final images)


On my way back from my first shoot i was panning images of buses and cars then i stopped to find this person just gazing at something, as this was happening i saw a bus coming and timed it to get the composition right. My aim was to make it seem as the bus was heading for the person.  What makes the composition good is the face that the left side of the image looks busy and full of movement while the right side is calm and still.

Making my way to ancoats i came across this scene. I got in position and took a shot but there was something missing from it so i waited in the same place for a while. The gentleman in the shot came into the frame and sat down and immediately i knew that is what was missing. The bold tones stand out and catch the viewers attention while the lighter tones balance it out and create a calm, relaxed effect.

The lines and composition of the frame is what made me take this photograph. The vertical lines of the benches, the road and the horizontal lines of the buildings work well against the curved lines of the bikes. It creates an unusual perspective and it creates a flow that the viewer can follow.


On route to ancoats to do a shoot i was testing my camera against the reflections of windows. I came across this large window that shown the reflection of a range of buildings. I was excited to see what effect the blinds in the window would have. This image looks like about 4 different photographs put together which i find very interesting and make you look around the image in more depth. The contrast and tonal range is hitting different levels of the exposure table.


The difference in how buildings look are always changing. From the rough brick building on the right to the glass and steel football museum. My reason for focusing my attention to this as i feel it creates a visually interesting concept and way of looking. Just from the photograph you can feel the rough, rigid textures and also the sharp clean looks of the buildings. My only criticism for this image is the composition is not as strong and striking as i would like it to be.

Composition is something i always aim to keep as a strong key in my images. This one works as i have creating a vanishing point. The small spaces makes everything seem compressed which gives it a clever effect that encourages the vanishing point. The aim of the image is also demonstrated as the on going construction and change of the city is shown.

Simplistic composition and strong tonal value are the main components in this image. What is so interesting about this ? The chalked marked football net is representing the activities workers might have done when on a break, or somewhere children would play  on the break. A simple seen that could hold many memories.

This telephoto image was inspired by the work of Bernice Abbott. After looking throughly through her work i picked up on the way she compresses the foreground and background to create a busy atmosphere. This scene in Manchester shows the normal day to day workers, people shopping but it also shows strong architect in both the background and foreground. My aim when processing was to create shadow in the foreground then gradually start working through the lighter tones. I feel this creates a balance in tonal range which  makes it more appealing to a viewer.


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