(potential final images)

Construction and transport shows the change a place has gone and is still going through. I have waited for this road worker to do something like this as when you see road workers it seems like they don’t do any work and just stand about so i am creating a stereotypical approach to how the change has happened. The flow of this photograph is not the best but i feel it is pleasant enough to look at for a period of time.

DSC_0027 copy
Curved lines and a range of tones are the main components in my work. From the tram lines to the construction work this image has depth and puts the viewer in the scene. The dark tones on each side draw your attention to the subjects in the middle. I feel if the tram was closer up i would have achieved a more dramatic effect.

This is part of an image i cropped down. As i was walking on my way to ancoats i was looking out for reflections and saw this interesting one on the back of a van. In my opinion it creates a blurred and surreal perspective which is interesting as it isn’t just mirroring the scene.


Another image with humour. The humorous influence comes from looking at the works of Doisneau. In this scene the way i have composed it makes it look like there is a huge bird creeping around the corner and the 3 gentleman to the left are clueless.

his image was intended to be humorous as in one of the windows was a sign saying (i<3manchester) and as i was looking at the scene a few tourists walked by which i found ironic.


Similar to other images on the shoot, i captured the landscape through the reflection in a window which had tinted windows. The sharp and clean finish is pleasant to look at. However if i was to shoot this again i would have made sure the pains of the window were vertical to make the composition stronger.


Compressing the background and foreground creates a dramatic effect. The space, light and flow to the image gives it shape which captures your attention.


The linear composition and sharp contrast captures your attention in this photo. In the centre of ancoats the old has been reformed into the new and it looks incredible together. From an architectural and photographic point of view, ancoats has a lot to offer.


Showing i have control of the linear perspective the main components that make this image work is the tones and also how i have reversed the effect of shallow depth of field in the background to put it in the foreground. As the main subject is what is happening in the background this effect works very well and makes you look at the image for longer to see what is happening.

Change is inevitable. From a place that used to produce 70% of the worlds cotton products to a 21st century/ technologic creative area, the change just this part of Manchester has gone through is incredible. To capture the buildings in ancoats was my aim but as i stumbled across this scene i felt it would be visually strong and interesting.

A typical event in Manchester and many places over the world – match day. The composure was the crucial bit for this scene as i wanted to get the feeling of the atmosphere but also give it a gritty and old look to it to try and relate to how long football has been around.


The composition in this image is inviting the viewer, i have achieved this due to the open body language of the women in the photograph. There is more to this image than just body language, the women in the photo is handing out political leaflets for the election coming up. I have took my time to compose this as the shop behind her is called (stand for?) this i feel is ironic and makes the image stronger.


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