Artist statement

My work explores the change in revolution from the “Cotton Polis” era to what the city of Manchester is like today. Capturing different perspectives and subjects has broadened my range of meanings. From the simplistic to the well thought through, there is a lot to look at in my final images.
It was before my final project that I was interested in documenting different aspects of life and interests. Looking at the masters of the subject field inspires me to work harder and to be as good as the masters.


(potential final images)

Construction and transport shows the change a place has gone and is still going through. I have waited for this road worker to do something like this as when you see road workers it seems like they don’t do any work and just stand about so i am creating a stereotypical approach to how the change has happened. The flow of this photograph is not the best but i feel it is pleasant enough to look at for a period of time.

DSC_0027 copy
Curved lines and a range of tones are the main components in my work. From the tram lines to the construction work this image has depth and puts the viewer in the scene. The dark tones on each side draw your attention to the subjects in the middle. I feel if the tram was closer up i would have achieved a more dramatic effect.

This is part of an image i cropped down. As i was walking on my way to ancoats i was looking out for reflections and saw this interesting one on the back of a van. In my opinion it creates a blurred and surreal perspective which is interesting as it isn’t just mirroring the scene.


Another image with humour. The humorous influence comes from looking at the works of Doisneau. In this scene the way i have composed it makes it look like there is a huge bird creeping around the corner and the 3 gentleman to the left are clueless.

his image was intended to be humorous as in one of the windows was a sign saying (i<3manchester) and as i was looking at the scene a few tourists walked by which i found ironic.


Similar to other images on the shoot, i captured the landscape through the reflection in a window which had tinted windows. The sharp and clean finish is pleasant to look at. However if i was to shoot this again i would have made sure the pains of the window were vertical to make the composition stronger.


Compressing the background and foreground creates a dramatic effect. The space, light and flow to the image gives it shape which captures your attention.


The linear composition and sharp contrast captures your attention in this photo. In the centre of ancoats the old has been reformed into the new and it looks incredible together. From an architectural and photographic point of view, ancoats has a lot to offer.


Showing i have control of the linear perspective the main components that make this image work is the tones and also how i have reversed the effect of shallow depth of field in the background to put it in the foreground. As the main subject is what is happening in the background this effect works very well and makes you look at the image for longer to see what is happening.

Change is inevitable. From a place that used to produce 70% of the worlds cotton products to a 21st century/ technologic creative area, the change just this part of Manchester has gone through is incredible. To capture the buildings in ancoats was my aim but as i stumbled across this scene i felt it would be visually strong and interesting.

A typical event in Manchester and many places over the world – match day. The composure was the crucial bit for this scene as i wanted to get the feeling of the atmosphere but also give it a gritty and old look to it to try and relate to how long football has been around.


The composition in this image is inviting the viewer, i have achieved this due to the open body language of the women in the photograph. There is more to this image than just body language, the women in the photo is handing out political leaflets for the election coming up. I have took my time to compose this as the shop behind her is called (stand for?) this i feel is ironic and makes the image stronger.

(potential final images)

This scene reminds me of Art Kanes photograph from his series “A great day in harlem”. The fact that there is no people and just a building at first seems dull but the more you look at it your eye becomes hooked to the door in the centre. The shadow of the centre works well as it casts your attention.

Ancoats is turning into a 21st century creative area. However there is still the original mill buildings and housing buildings. It is almost like being back in the 60s where maintenance on the buildings would be carried out. Creating nostalgia is appealing to those who are familiar with that time period, but also to those who are interested in seeing what life used to be like.

This is a recreation of the image i looked at on Deansgate with the trams. I wanted to recreate a modern perception off what public transport is like today. Using leading lines and a striking composition i feel this image works and has clear similarity to the image i researched.

Some parts of ancoats are rundown and abandoned and this is the message i am portraying in this image. Using a deep depth of field i wanted everything in the frame in focus but have the fence distort it to create visual interest.

DSC_0085 copy
Abandoned and not a pleasant sight.
This seems to be the case in some parts of Ancoats due to the decay in the buildings. This i believe is some part of the sewer system. One of my aims was to show the fall of the industrial revolution and this shows it well as you get the feel of the place and can sense what it is like now without the workers and families. Using a shallow depth of field was a good choice but i could not have the background completely out of focus as it would have hidden to much of the story.

Taken in Ancoats also this frame just catches your eye. The most interesting part is knowing the history of the place and looking at what it has become. The old and gritty feel is still there in the buildings but the shapes and lines of the exterior designing give it a clean look. The composition was thought about as i wanted to get shapes with different tones all over the image.

Metallic and clearly 21st century. This next to a image of a building in Ancoats would be interesting to look at, to see the difference in how people live and work. I am not entirely happy with this shot as just after i had taken it there was a great moment to capture a gentleman in a suit bang on in the middle of the doors, this would have given the scene more information.

I liked this scene as there was nothing relatively new in terms of architecture. The clouds were out but this went in my favour as there was limited light but the light that was there was hitting parts of this church which gives the whole image a stormy and eye catching effect.

I like the tonal range in this image as from the bottom it has darker tones then gradually gets lighter just like the exposure chart. Also with the 4 windows the parking meter in the middle separates and brings the image to life. Simplicity and desolation are the main meanings to this image.

After my shoot in ancoats i was on my way back into the city centre when i discovered this canal. Taking a few shots i felt something was missing so i walked over a bridge and saw this scene. Instantly it reminded me of the works of Andre Kertesz. The clean tonal range and slightly distorted reflection in the water, this image has a lot to offer to something with a keen eye for photography.

Creating nostalgia with the sweet shop in the background i have created an interesting perspective here. I have froze this moment with the use of a slower shutter speed. There is a triangle of whites in the centre and then it gradually darkens outside of the triangle.

Overwhelmed that i had randomly ran into the Leica store i admired the cameras in the window for a while. The high contrast from inside the shop worked well against the strong shadows and the highlights from the reflection in the window.

On previous shoots i had been staying in a certain are so on the shoot i took this image i decided to just start choosing roads and streets randomly to go down. I discovered this barber shop just outside the main part of the city centre. The layout of everything just caught my eye due to the stances of the two gentleman to the different object in the  barber shop. There is also an interesting edge to this as it seems like everything has just stopped to look at something. That something was the reflection of me taking a photo in the mirror.

Another ironic image.
The majority of my project has been looking at the change of Manchester in a serious way and documenting the 21st century way of living. I decided to throw in a different perspective to make it more interesting.

Here there are 3 points of interest which creates a converging triangular composition. This i feel is very interesting and take a good eye for detail to get right. It seems as if the workers have stopped working and are looking to see why there is a police car there, however there is no police officers in sight this means there is more to this scene than the eye can see. If i had to change anything about this image it would be to remove the no entry sign as i feel it is a bit distracting.

(potential final images)


On my way back from my first shoot i was panning images of buses and cars then i stopped to find this person just gazing at something, as this was happening i saw a bus coming and timed it to get the composition right. My aim was to make it seem as the bus was heading for the person.  What makes the composition good is the face that the left side of the image looks busy and full of movement while the right side is calm and still.

Making my way to ancoats i came across this scene. I got in position and took a shot but there was something missing from it so i waited in the same place for a while. The gentleman in the shot came into the frame and sat down and immediately i knew that is what was missing. The bold tones stand out and catch the viewers attention while the lighter tones balance it out and create a calm, relaxed effect.

The lines and composition of the frame is what made me take this photograph. The vertical lines of the benches, the road and the horizontal lines of the buildings work well against the curved lines of the bikes. It creates an unusual perspective and it creates a flow that the viewer can follow.


On route to ancoats to do a shoot i was testing my camera against the reflections of windows. I came across this large window that shown the reflection of a range of buildings. I was excited to see what effect the blinds in the window would have. This image looks like about 4 different photographs put together which i find very interesting and make you look around the image in more depth. The contrast and tonal range is hitting different levels of the exposure table.


The difference in how buildings look are always changing. From the rough brick building on the right to the glass and steel football museum. My reason for focusing my attention to this as i feel it creates a visually interesting concept and way of looking. Just from the photograph you can feel the rough, rigid textures and also the sharp clean looks of the buildings. My only criticism for this image is the composition is not as strong and striking as i would like it to be.

Composition is something i always aim to keep as a strong key in my images. This one works as i have creating a vanishing point. The small spaces makes everything seem compressed which gives it a clever effect that encourages the vanishing point. The aim of the image is also demonstrated as the on going construction and change of the city is shown.

Simplistic composition and strong tonal value are the main components in this image. What is so interesting about this ? The chalked marked football net is representing the activities workers might have done when on a break, or somewhere children would play  on the break. A simple seen that could hold many memories.

This telephoto image was inspired by the work of Bernice Abbott. After looking throughly through her work i picked up on the way she compresses the foreground and background to create a busy atmosphere. This scene in Manchester shows the normal day to day workers, people shopping but it also shows strong architect in both the background and foreground. My aim when processing was to create shadow in the foreground then gradually start working through the lighter tones. I feel this creates a balance in tonal range which  makes it more appealing to a viewer.

(Potential final images)

DSC_0001 copy

This scene caught my eye due to the lines of the buildings, people and the monument. The lines take your eyes from the bottom of the image to the top as if your following all the lines. The tonal range is also striking as there is a variety of shadows and highlights.


The vanishing point is the main key to this image as your eyes are drawn through the maze of curved lines. At a first glance it seems like this is a photograph done in a cave or an exotic place. Finding this interesting architectural structure was fantastic as it then gave me the vision for finding unusual buildings in later shoots. The shadows and highlights also give this scene and empty feeling which in my opinion works well.


The simplistic composition in this image caught my attention due to the fact it is only showing construction work on the building. This fits in with my project and along with a range of images will stand out. I feel during processing this image i could have dodged and burned to get some tones bolder and make sure they worked with the other tones.

This image is taken at the corn exchange in Manchester. What interested me was my intention was to capture the building as it was but i was unaware of the construction. I am pleased with the result as the bricks and fence creates and old gritty effect. The reflection and shadows in the windows are also visually interesting as it breaks the gritty effect up and creates a clean, sharp look at the same time.


Here your eyes flow from the right down the road. The reason i think this works is because the composition is organic and the tones all fall in with each other to create a calm and simplistic feel. There is not a lot going on in the scene but this focuses the viewers attention on the subject which is the train station. The only downfall to this image is the top of the lamp post and the tree on the left hand side. I feel if this wasn’t there there would be no distractions at all. When processing this i cropped it so they were not in the frame but it did not look right cropped as you could tell there was something missing.


The strong lines and bold tones grab your attention in this image. This photograph alone shows the change the city has gone through and is still changing. From the shopping outlets to the corn exchange building the evolution of change is clearly demonstrated. It took me a few shots before i got it right as my intention was to use the tram lines and buildings to create a vanishing point near the bottom right corner.