Paper sample delivered

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I had a very good look through these books to find out how much of a difference it is by choosing a type of paper. Each paper will give your work a different finish and personally my favourite is the (gloss coated paper- 400gsm). Why? The gloss coating gives it a high end professional finish and the thickness of the paper decreases any chance of the paper being ripped or creased.


Marketing Final show !!!

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Getting people to come and see your work is important and twitter is one of the best platforms to do it on. I am also being featured in Creative Boom Magazine in the summer which will be great publicity.

Shoot 5 Planning

For my fifth and final shoot i will be using a 35mm camera with black and white film. My location will be at the Manchester museum of science. The reason for this location is the fact that the machines that were used in the mills are in that museum and there is also a lot of history and facts that i can get from there. I plan to capture close of shots of the machines and also deep depth of field to show some of them together. I will not need any more equipment as i will be indoors and i can adjust the shutter speed etc to get the correct exposure. After my final shoot i will put all of my strongest images together and use methods such as; cyanotype, contact prints, digital negatives and also double exposure. This will give me a large range of materials that i can put together to create an interesting piece at the end of the year exhibition.