Marketing Final show !!!

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Getting people to come and see your work is important and twitter is one of the best platforms to do it on. I am also being featured in Creative Boom Magazine in the summer which will be great publicity.

Final presentation change

Speaking to Shaun I realised that trying to get 42 images onto 3 A3 sheets would be a bigger job than planned. It would take a long time to get each all of the images layed out plus they wouldn’t be easy for the viewers to see.

My final presentation will consume of 10 A3 sheets with 2 (7x5inch) images on each one. I will then mount them on mountboard.

To do this I will use Adobe In Design.

Enlarged image

The use of a darkroom enlarger would also be a interesting way of presenting a photograph. All you would have to do is create a dark space, turn the enlarger head to face the wall and then simply but the negative in and focus it. This idea is simple but effective as people who have never seen or used darkroom equipment would be fascinated with how it works.


Small framed prints

This idea came from when i went to see Johnnie Shand Kidd”s exhibition at the Whitworth gallery in Manchester. It is similar to the way Bill Cunninghams work is shown but this collage frame gives a different look as it is looks like it is on a light box. The only problem with presenting it like this is that all the images need to work together so the viewer will look at them all not just one or two that stand out.


Multiple images on one print ?

My initial presentation idea when i was working on my project proposal and presentation. I still feel this way of presenting would work very well as it gives the viewer a wider range of your work to look at rather than just glancing at a few images. To make this work i would have to use less images on each print and make them larger so they are clearly visible.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.22.38

Image on a postcard

Putting an image onto a postcard could be for many reasons, a few examples are – to create the feeling of nostalgia, distance and also emotion.

Also the viewer with have more interaction with the image as they can feel the texture of the paper and look at it closer in more depth.

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