FMP Project Proposal

Section 1 – rationale – (approx 100 words)
Throughout the course i have learnt how to achieve different concepts and genres of photography. I have found my strengths and weaknesses, this has encouraged me to concentrate fully on the work i enjoy and get the best results from. The road i have decided to down for my final project will be documentary. My reasons for this are; interest in documentary photography, keen eye on architecture, people, lifestyles and also attention to detail. Realisation of my strengths will allow me to engage and produce some interesting and professional work. Over the past year and a half i have experimented with different techniques and equipment. My first experiences with film were fantastic and i produced some good images. Due to time scaling and other things i have chosen to stick with digital as i am more confident with a dslr and processing on the computer. I will use the skills i have learnt to carry documentary photography down the pathway of my career.

Section 2 – project concept (approx 200 words)
The overall concept of my final project is to capture all kinds of lifestyles, cultures, events, people and architecture throughout Manchester. My reason for choosing Manchester is based on the history and change that the city has gone through. The history and change shows on the streets and roads of the city which is why using different techniques of documentary photography. From the industrial revolution of Manchester to the 21st century lifestyle will be shown in my documentation.  I am confident i will achieve strong and interesting images. The outcome will consist of a large number of shoots and images.  Having been to the city a number of times i am familiar with different areas for potentially strong results. I have previously done shoots in Manchester and will be looking through 
 them to gain ideas and target any weaknesses. The research that i will undertake will be in great depth and will ensure i have a full understanding of what i aim to achieve in the project. The research will consist of photographers such as; Bill Cunningham, Spencer Tunick, Vivian Maier, Berenice Abbott, Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Andre Kertesz, Willy Ronis, George Rodger,

Section 3 – evaluation (approx 50 words)
The personal diary will have all the reflection inside and will essentially become a copy of my brain. Each stage of research and shoots will be reflected on to spot any weaknesses and will aid how i can go on and improve my work to a higher level. As reflection will be consistent i will do one overall evaluation at the end of the project. In the overall evaluation i will be commentating on how all stages of the project worked out and will point out any problems that i have ran into and had solved. I am confident will this project and will ensure that i do it to the highest level that i can achieve.

Proposed research sources and bibliography (Harvard format)

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