Artist statement

My work explores the change in revolution from the “Cotton Polis” era to what the city of Manchester is like today. Capturing different perspectives and subjects has broadened my range of meanings. From the simplistic to the well thought through, there is a lot to look at in my final images.
It was before my final project that I was interested in documenting different aspects of life and interests. Looking at the masters of the subject field inspires me to work harder and to be as good as the masters.


Why have I stuck to digital ?

From the start of the project I planned on doing dIfferent ways of producing my images. However as I thought about it more using my dslr was the better option due to compatibility and was able to get a larger amount of images. For my fifth shoot I used a SLR 35mm camera but due to an error my images were lost. This has happened in previous shoots and has made me loose my confidence in using SLR cameras. I also planned on doing a mixture of cyanotypes, contact prints using digital negatives and darkroom printing but due to my presentation idea I decided not to as I am putting all of the images together on computer software. Using digital throughout my project enabled me to capture some good shots and also further my skills in processing on computer software. Which I feel is essential in this 21st century industry.

reflection on shoot 4

This shoot was focusing primarily on the area of Ancoats as that area played a big part in the industrial revolution in Manchester. My aim was to capture the old exterior and shapes of the buildings which i achieved but i also captured the empty feeling that is on the streets of Ancoats. I also shot some reflections on the way to Ancoats as it fitted in with my project and i achieved visually interesting photographs from it.  Like the previous shoot i felt the use of a slr camera would have enabled me to capture more definition and tone.

Reflection on shoot 1

I have captured a good selection of images. The lighting in the gallery was a problem until i adjusted my white balance and shutter speed. There was also a lot of people so it was difficult trying to get through them all to take photographs but i managed to get the shots. I could have captured a lot more decisive moments but i tended to back away due to the amount of people, this is something i will work on in my next shoot. Overall i am pleased with how the shoot went and i have came away with some art knowledge and good images.