Shoot 6 plan

For my sixth and final shoot I am going to go to redo the fifth shoot at the Museum of science and industry. This time however I will use a DSLR to avoid my images not being recorded. I will use my 18-55mm lens to get wide angle shots and also close up shots of the machinery. I will also wait until they do the tour of the cotton part, this will enhance my study of the revolution further and also give me a chance to capture the machines in action.


Shoot 5 Planning

For my fifth and final shoot i will be using a 35mm camera with black and white film. My location will be at the Manchester museum of science. The reason for this location is the fact that the machines that were used in the mills are in that museum and there is also a lot of history and facts that i can get from there. I plan to capture close of shots of the machines and also deep depth of field to show some of them together. I will not need any more equipment as i will be indoors and i can adjust the shutter speed etc to get the correct exposure. After my final shoot i will put all of my strongest images together and use methods such as; cyanotype, contact prints, digital negatives and also double exposure. This will give me a large range of materials that i can put together to create an interesting piece at the end of the year exhibition.

Shoot 3 planning

My plan for this next shoot is to photograph various buildings in Manchester that related to the industrial revolution. My aim was the capture the buildings in an architectural way of looking. By this i mean i want to see the texture of any decay and also get the right angle so the lines are even. The location for this shoot is in different parts of Manchester. A few buildings are near Victoria train station and others are on the way to ancoats and the northern quarter.

Equipment- Dslr, 18-55mm lens, memory card and a tripod.

Shoot 2 planning

For my second shoot i am going to base myself in the centre of Manchester in the city centre. The reason for this location is i have previously seen some interesting characters and events going on. The people in Manchester who don’t work will be walking about so i will have the chance to capture that lifestyle also when people finish work i will be there waiting with my camera to see what goes on after work hours. I am also planning to get off the bus on the way and take photographs of an area which has a large jewish population, i feel i can capture culture and meet some interesting people.

Equipment: DSLR, 18-55mm lens, 75-300mm telephoto sigma lens, 2 memory cards, 2 full charged batteries, tripod, raincoat and also a lens cloth.

Johnnie Shand Kydd exhibition at the whitworth gallery

Johnnie Shand Kydd
After working at a Bond Street Gallery selling 19th Century paintings for a number of years Shand Kydd began taking photographs of his artist friends and those in his social sphere. As a participant rather than solely an observer he captured the community of YBA’s (Young British Artists) before they became household names. From March 1996 until July 1997 he photographed the contents of the book Spitfire (Thames & Hudson, 1997) and went onto photograph the artists featured in the Sensation show at the Royal Academy in 1997. From this portfolio the National Portrait Gallery acquired 42 prints through Sadie Coles who represents Shand Kydd along with some of the artists that he photographs.

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